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Digital Signage is More Attractive in Larger Malls

Author:  Source:   Update:2013-04-16  Read:1576

According to the study from London, shoppers respond better to digital advertising in larger malls because they are consistently happier and more engaged.

The latest installation of face-tracking research into consumer moods and engagement was conducted at Westfield Merry Hill, West Midlands which is one of the top five malls nationally in the U.K. The research adds to an earlier study in January 2010, which was conducted in Westfield Royal Victoria Place, Tunbridge Wells – a smaller mall in a commuter town.

The newer study showed that young people (ages 16-24) were found to engage with digital advertising for longer than older shoppers, particularly if they felt an affinity for the brand.

Meanwhile, digital advertisements for youth brands were looked at for more than twice as long as untargeted ads. In general, the public was happier and more engaged in the larger mall regardless of the time and the date.

The duration and quality of people's engagement is linked to the size and breadth of offering within the mall. The initial study showed engagement levels differed significantly at the weekend to the week, and toward the end of the day. However, in the larger mall people were in a consistent mindset throughout their visit, remaining engaged all day and during both the week and weekend.