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Digital signage revenue to triple in next five years

Author:  Source:   Update:2013-04-16  Read:1675

Revenue from digital signage in 2016 is expected to be over triple what it was in 2010, it was been predicted.

A research regarding digital signage have suggested that the global market for digital signage – including displays, media players, software and instillation/maintenance costs will grow from £0.8 billion in 2010 to £2.75 billion in 2016.

The company stated that the majority of digital signage today is IP based, will millions of these digital signs worldwide.
At the same time, the cost of deploying this technique is falling, making marketers much more likely to use digital rather than static signage.
Digital signs have a more compelling impact than some forms of traditional media. Digital signage has redefined the model for out-of-home advertising through the deployment of signs at malls, airports, and banks, among others; signs that deliver content in real time, or content that has already been stored and scheduled for delivery at the most appropriate time. A continual stream of fresh and relevant content is what separates a successful digital signage project from one that is boring and stale.