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Digital Signage Improves Communications at Hospital

Author:  Source:   Update:2013-04-16  Read:1685

A Hospital, a full-service acute care facility located in USA, has deployed an advanced digital signage system to improve their inner-hospital communication platform. Working with digital signage system, the hospital now has the ability to reach their patients, visitors, and staff more effectively by updating their digital signage screens with announcements, schedules, menus and much more.

Previously, the hospital had used flyers and posters on easels in the main lobby and café areas to display information. In an effort to eliminate clutter and better engage the hospital community in a more direct and efficient way, the I.T. Educator at Hospital, set out to find a solution. He began to research digital signage companies and chose one of the most knowledgeable suppliers.
To the hospital staff, the elimination of posters and flyers was the obvious solution - and a change was necessary. They felt it looked tacky and the easels cluttered the walkways. After the signage deployment, the digital screens received positive feedback. The staff admits that they are more likely to read the information on the screen than they did on the signs and flyers. It also looks more professional and pleasing to the eye.
The new signage system, comprised of electronic screens located in the main lobby, café, and Coffee Corner, uses static screens and video to deliver information to patients, guests, and hospital staff. The lobby signage is not only used to display announcements and bulletins, but also shows the conference room schedule for those coming in for meetings and classes.