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8 inches 3G Touch LCD Player for Taxi
Product Name:8 inches 3G Touch LCD Player for Taxi
Key Features:

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    SCW-08 is 8 inches 3G Touch LCD advertising player for taxi, consist of a 8" touch LCD advertising player and a headrest which is specific for each car model and can be customized.

    All you need for the updates is a 3G SIM card inserts into the player and then you log in to the server computer to download fresh media over the 3G network, the update is completed in fewer than 30 minutes with speeds of 1-3 Mbps.

    Key Features

    3G Remote Update
    Support 3G SIM card for WCMDA, CDMA2000. Customization for other kinds of 3G SIM card
    Personalized User Interface Customization
    Design by Adobe Flash . Full screen touch interaction.
    High scalability
    It can be integrated with mobile IP video cam, VoIP phone calls, GPS management, on board debit, etc.


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