Digital Signage Retail

It is always important to make customers feel comfortable in the store and to have confidence and recognition of the brand. This may be the most sustainable way to make sales growth, albeit not the easiest way. In fact, a well-designed storefront environment speaks more than a good employee. It is our mission to play its greatest value. 

Conceptual Design

1. BV-84 Digital Signage Player

The system can manage 10,000+ players across stores all over the world.

2. BV-UW349 Shelf-edge Display

Using face recognition, it can change the content according to the customer’s gender and age.

3. BV-UW23 Ultra Stretched Display

Using sensing technology, it can change the content when the customer picks up the item.

4. BV-4311i Wall-mounted Digital Signage

The owners can use USB sticks to update content in a given area.

5. BV-4914i Floor-standing Digital Signage

Touch screen and motion sensor can be introduced to deliver multiple forms of interaction.

6. BV-88 Digital Signage Player

The player can connect with LED, video wall or projector to get a larger display. 


Increase customer base      

Prolonged stay        

Strengthen brands

Boost sales        

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