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Shelf Edge LCD Display

  • It can be easily installed on shelves of various materials and sizes
  • It can play multiple video, pictures, scrolling text and more
  • It shows dynamic prices, discounts and more for items
  • It runs on a proven digital signage platform of great capability
  • It has an excellent industrial design, sleek look and high quality original LCD screen

Sizes:  21” | 23” | 27.6” | 34.9” | 47”

Typical Application


  • Replacing messy paper labels with digital shelf displays keeps shelves clean and tidy

  • Showing video ads on the screen is a more effective way to stimulate buying desire

  • One stretched screen can gracefully display information and prices for multiple products

  • Digital content can be updated via network to save labor and material costs

Franchised store

  • Fancy screens make stores and products look more advanced and attractive

  • Digital shelf displays show more product types, models and advantages

  • Well-designed digital content can get customers’ attention and improve conversion rate
  • Lift and learn solution enhances interaction with customers to optimize the brand experience


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