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Digital Signage Kiosk

  • It can be moved around freely.
  • It is an all-in-one digital signage solution.
  • It runs on a proven digital signage platform of great capability. 
  • It has an excellent industrial design, sleek look and high quality original LCD screen.

Sizes:  43” | 49” | 55” | 65” | 84”

Typical Application

Shopping mall

  • It provides way finding and navigation services

  • It can play brand ads and promotions.

  • It can play different content according to different customers.

  • It can interact with customers and increase sales.

Franchised store

  • Fancy screens make stores and products look more advanced and attractive
  • Digital lcd kiosks show more product types, models and advantages
  • Well-designed digital content can get customers’ attention and improve conversion rate
  • Touch screen solution enhances interaction with customers to optimize the brand experience


UNIQLO brand promotion kiosk

Volkswagen Dealership 4S Store Digital Signage System

GM BUICK 4S Store Digital Signage Project

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